Accommodation rules of hotel Rottal
Zlínská 1712, Otrokovice
Phone number: +420 577 591 111, 602 593 216, 724 029 241, 606 797 121

1. The hotel can only accommodate a guest who is properly registered with the hotel receptionist. The receptionistwill only accommodate the guest who presented his / her valid ID or passport upon arrival. Upon check-in, theguest is informed of the obligation to become acquainted with and follow the ACCOMMODATION RULES ofthe Purkmistr Hotel, which is located at the hotel reception and in each room.

2. The guest uses the room for the period agreed in advance and registered in the accommodation book at thereception. If the accommodation time has not been agreed in advance, the guest will cancel his / her stay and release the room by 10.00 am at the latest. If he / she does not do so, he / she is obliged to pay the price foranother night.

3. A guest staying before 07.00 am will pay the price of the accommodation for the previous night. If the guest requests an extension of the accommodation, another room may be offered.

4. Guest pays the bill for accommodation and services provided in accordance with the pricelist.

5. The hotel is only liable for items brought into the hotel and for damage to deferred items if the damage is causedby the hotel's irresponsible behavior. He is only responsible for money and valuable things if he has taken them over to the wallet.

6. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hotel, and especially in the rooms, and guests are not allowed to use theirown electrical appliances. This does not apply to electr. appliances that serve the guest's personal hygiene (ie,shaver, hairdryer, electric curling iron) and a mobile phone charger.

7. At the hotel, the guest must not carry out any repairs or any changes to the mains or other installation. Please report any defects immediately to the hotel reception.

8. Guests are asked to turn off the lights when they leave the room, close the faucets and windows and hand in the access card at the front desk.

9. Night quiet in the hotel is from 22.00 to 07.00. We ask our guests to respect the night peace with regard to roommates.

10. The guest is obliged to keep order in the rooms and other areas of the hotel. He will notify the reception aboutany defects.

11. The guest is fully responsible for damages caused by his activities on the hotel's property and equipment.

12. Guests in the room must be notified at the reception. They are allowed until 21.00, after which time the visitor is obliged to pay the stay as a guest.

13. In the event of a FIRE or other EMERGENCY occurrence, the guest is obliged to protect the health of his or herother guests, to inform the RECEPTOR immediately and to follow the Fire Alarm Instructions that are postedon each floor. The front desk service is from 09:00 to 21:00.14. Complaints, suggestions and suggestions are received by the hotel reception and management.

15. Each resident is obliged to observe the provisions of these accommodation rules. In case of breach, the hotelmanagement has the right to cancel the accommodation contract.

Thank you for adhering to the above rules of accommodation and we believe that you will be satisfied with the accommodation and will gladly return to us.

January 2019                                                                hotel manager: Jana Marková

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