Visit the world-famous zoo with the castle in Lešná near Zlí

In 1953 the Malenovický Castle acquire the then new established regional museum, today the Museum of South-East Moravia in Zlín. Part of the castle is open to the public. Pilgrimage site of Velehrad, the center of Christianity, associated with the arrival of Slavic apostles Cyril and Methodius in Moravia.

The Archbishop's Chateau is the dominant of one of the most attractive towns in Moravia and the main magnet of the visitors of the historical complex, where, together with its gardens, it was listed in 1998 as a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

The Baťa Canal or the Otrokovice-Rohatec Path is a historic waterway built in the years 1934-1938, with a length of 52 km, which connected Otrokovice with Rohatec.

Distance from the public transport: 100m, train station 1.5 km.